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At IN-FAB, Inc. our daily commitment is to provide the highest standards of customer service and satisfaction. We are dedicated to supplying quality products, the safety & welfare of our employees, and making a positive impact on our community. We are equipped with the most up to date machinery including a dual robot station, Waterjet, and CNC router which allows us to have more control of the quality and delivery dates of our products.


Our Design Team at IN-FAB, Inc. consist of 5 design specialists trained in SolidWorks. Designers utilize software for converting CATIA and other 3D files.

Packaging solutions are created on a part-by-part basis ensuring maximum part quantity per container (QPC) creating lower packaging expenses for our customers.


Prototypes can be manufactured from a print/concept, an existing container, part data or designed from scratch using customer dimensions, details, & requirements. IN-FAB is willing to be present during reviews of prototypes to answer questions and to discuss necessary changes that our customers may have.

Prototypes are complete for customer review in 4-6 weeks from date purchase order is received.

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IN-FAB supports 4 production lines with 40 MIG welders and 5 TIG welders. At peak production, up to 150 medium complexity racks can be produced per day.

IN-FAB has made significant investment in production equipment, most recently installing a dual robot station cell, increasing productivity and decreasing the need for costly rework.

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Dunnage Fabrication

IN-FAB has fostered a business-to-business relationship with Indiana Fabric Solutions, Inc. to supply quality dunnage products at a competitive price. Due to the close relationship, prototypes can be expected within a 2 week lead-time window.

Indiana Fabric Solutions designers routinely work with vinyl scrim, headliner material, corrugated plastic, hook and loop, webbing, and hardware.

IN-FAB has set itself apart in dunnage fabrication by the in-house use of a Flow 5-axis head water jet and a CNC Router. By producing XLPE foam, HDPE and other components in-house, IN-FAB is able to control quality, cost, and delivery.

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Modifying and repairing existing racks is a cost effective method IN-FAB offers our customers. Packaging can be altered from one project to the next cutting costs and turnaround time. Typical repairs include: fresh paint, straightening of bent posts, and replacement of damaged dunnage.

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Tube Laser

Golden Laser P-3080A
  • - Cantilever Gantry Design with Fiber Optic beam path
  • - IPG Fiber Laser-3000W
  • - Auto-sensing Cutting Head with Quick change lens


Flow Waterjet Mach 3 3020b System
  • - 5 axis cutting head
  • - Abrasive delivery system
  • - Travel speeds up to 500"/min.
  • - Capable of cutting Vinyl, Foam, HDPE, Metal, etc.

CNC Router

Multicam CNC Router 3-204-R
  • - Process area 60" x 120"
  • - True nesting CAD/CAM Software
  • - Routinely used for cutting HDPE
  • - Traverse speed up to 2,500"/min.
  • - 8 position linear tool change


Messer EdgeMax Dual X Drive (HD Plasma)
  • - Accuracy of +/- .004" in any 72" area
  • - Travel speeds up to 1200"/min.
  • - Process area 72" x 144"
  • - Capable of cutting up to 1.5" thick material

Vicon Plasma
  • - Capable of cutting up to 1/4" thick material
  • - 105 AMP Torch
  • - Process area 5' x 10'

Dual Robotic Welding Station

Fanuc 120iC/12L Dual Arm package
  • - 2 auxiliary axis servo motors for weld table positioning
  • - 2 – 6 axis robots
  • - Reach – 2009 mm
  • - Speed – 2000 mm
  • - Repeatability +/- 0.08 mm

Hydraulic Press Brake

Baykal Model APH Conventional
  • - Bending Force= 40 Tons
  • - Bending Length= 7'

Durma Primeline
  • - Bending Length: 12'
  • - Bending Force: 180 tons

3 Geka Ironworkers

Hydracrop 55/110
  • - Punching capacity= 5/8" Thick
  • - Shearing of plate up to 5/8" Thick
  • - Shearing of round and square bars up to 9/16" Thick

2 Horizontal Bandsaws

Hydmech M-20A
  • - Featuring a 20″H x 30″W capacity at 90°
  • - 10 HP motor
  • - 1 1/2″ blade

Hydmech H-22A
  • - Featuring a 22″ x 22″ capacity at 90°
  • - 10 HP motor
  • - 2″ blade

3 Metal Mizers

MV 2018
  • - Cutting capacity: 18" horizontal, 20" vertical
  • - 45° tilting saw head with 3° forward tilt
  • - 0-175 pound cutting pressure
  • - 2 HP, 230v/460v, 3-phase drive motor

Hydraulic Shear

  • - Capacity= 10' x 1/4"
  • - Dimensions= 12'6" x 7'8" x 6'5"

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